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Viasys Carefusion VELA Comprehensive Ventilator

  • $ 6,850.00

Viasys Carefusion VELA Comprehensive Ventilator

The AVEA ventilator system from CareFusion is a versatile critical care ventilator for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients featuring both invasive and non-invasive applications, including infant nasal IMV. Integrated BiCore™ advanced pulmonary monitoring, Heliox administration and Volumetric Capnography give you the tools to improve your clinical outcomes. Additionally, AVEA ventilators contain a lightweight internal battery- powered compressor that facilitates patient transport within the hospital. The AVEA ventilator system has the combination of features, applications and advanced monitoring capabilities that meet your most demanding critical care ventilation needs.

  • Precise proximal monitoring.
  • Streamlines Heliox delivery.
  • Non-invasive ventilation.
  • Accurate volume delivery from 2 ml's to 2.5 L.
  • Patented three stage flow sensor.
  • Servo controlled voice coil.
  • Scroll pump technology.
  • Bemes refurbished with warranty.
  • Low maintenance internal compressor.
  • Performance without compromise.
  • Intuitive user interface.