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Viasys Vela Ventilator

  • $ 6,450.00

Viasys Vela Ventilator

Condition: Pre-owned

Pediatric adult ICU ventilator

The VELA ventilator from CareFusion has a precision servo controlled gas delivery turbine and active exhalation that gives you the performance you need to treat all of your pediatric and adult patients. Its flat panel, color LCD and touch screen provide flexibility with simplified controls to improve safety. The VELA ventilator is a full function conventional ventilator and noninvasive positive pressure ventilator (NPPV) that provides you with the tools to support your patients throughout the continuum of care. The three models of the VELA ventilator come with a wide range of features for the critical care environment, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. Simple software upgrades allow optional features to be added at the time of purchase or at a later date.



• Invasive and noninvasive critical care ventilator
• Pediatric through adult applications
• Advanced settings to treat the most difficult to
ventilate patient
• Multiple noninvasive modes with automatic
leak compensation to provide more ventilatory
support options
• Dual limb noninvasive ventilation helps
eliminate CO2
and rebreathing of exhaled gases
• Apnea back up ventilation with user selectable
breath type
• Intuitive user interface facilitates ease of use
• Integrated end tidal capnography monitoring



• Performs multiple applications from
the Emergency Room to Critical Care and
sub-acute settings
• Operates independent of air sources for
greater flexibility
• Portable unit allows patients to stay on NIV
therapy during transport
• High pressure oxygen inlet with blender
• Low pressure oxygen inlet with accumulator
• Internal battery capacity of six hours
• Compatible with speaking valves

• Patented turbine technology with flow
capabilities of 180 LPM
• Two-year warranty, with a five-year or
40,000-hour warranty on the turbine
• Accurate, integrated FiO2
delivery, monitoring
and alarms
• Complete 24 hour trended data of all
patient parameters
• No scheduled maintenance of the turbine with
a low cost of ownership