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Viasys Sensormedics 3100A Ventilator

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Viasys Sensormedics 3100A Ventilator

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Early intervention in the treatment of neonates

The high-frequency oscillatory ventilator (HFOV) CareFusion 3100A is the only high-frequency oscillatory ventilator approved in the US for early intervention in the treatment of neonatal respiratory failure. The 3100A HFOV provides tools for patients lung protection by inflating the lung with a continuous distending pressure and superimposing very small changes in pressure and volume to get the necessary ventilation. Numerous publications have confirmed great benefits and outcomes associated with the use of HFOV system. The company Alliance of Children's Hospitals, Inc. has awarded its prestigious recognition "Seal of Acceptance" to the 3100A HFOV system. This recognition establishes criteria of excellence for pediatric products and create a new level of expectation for their users.

CareFusion makes the difference

It does not require conventional breaths stretching to avoid injury
It is more fan studied and researched high frequency current market
It is the only high-frequency ventilator approved by the FDA for early intervention in the treatment of neonatal respiratory failure
Reference treatment in 90% of the nurseries of Level III of the United States and in 75% of pediatric intensive care units