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Viasys Bear 1000 Ventilator

  • $ 1,250.00

Viasys Bear_1000 Ventilator

Condition: Pre-owned

The BEAR 1000 Respiratory Ventilator is considered to be the most comprehensive user friendly Critical Care Ventilator available on the market today. The BEAR 1000 Ventilator offers a full range of ventilation modalities as well as several innovative clinical features such as Pressure Augmentation, Pressure Slope and SMARTTRIGGER™.

Pressure Augmentation allows patient/ventilator synchrony with superior flow demand matching, while ensuring a minimum tidal volume delivery.

Pressure Slope allows the practitioner to tailor rise time to the inspiratory pressure level, more closely matching gas delivery to clinical requirements.

SMARTTRIGGER actually thinks for itself. Once independent flow and pressure thresholds are set, SMARTTRIGGER applies computer logic to evaluate patient demand, then triggers a breath with either pressure or flow--whichever signal is more sensitive.

The Bear 1000 Ventilator from Bear Medical Systems is available in two models, a basic unit and a comprehensive Bear 1000 Ventilator.