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Siemens Maquet Servo 900C Ventilator

  • $ 2,990.00

Siemens Maquet Servo 900C Ventilator

Condition: Pre-owned


Ventilator Type:        Positive Pressure Invasive Conventional

Ventilator Class:       Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Transport Subacute

Patient Population Range: Neonatal,Pediatric,Adult


It can be used during MRI scans, synchronisation of multiple units

allows for ventilation of both lungs individually.  Refurbished by Bemes.



Modes : Invasive

                  Pressure-controlled modes: SIMV (spontaneous breaths); SIMV + Pressure support; Pressure control; Pressure support; CPAP

                  Flow-controlled modes: Volume control; Volume control Sigh; SIMV (mandatory breaths)

Waveforms: Pressure: Rectangular; Flow: Rectangular, Ascending-Descending ramp

 Operating Range of Controls: 

            Trigger Sensitivity Below PEEP:              0 to 20 cmH2O;
            Frequency:                                               10 - 120 breaths/min; 
            SIMV breaths:                                           Upper range: 4 - 40 breaths/min;
                                                                              Lower range: 0.5 - 4 breaths/min;
            Upper Pressure Limit:                              0 to 100 cmH2O above set PEEP;
            PEEP: -                                                    10 to 50 cmH2O 
            Inspiratory Pressure Limit Above PEEP: 16 to 120 cmH2O above ambient;
            Inspiratory Flow Limit:                              0.5 to 40 L/min;
            Inspiratory Time %:                                 20%, 25%, 33%, 50%, 67%, or 80%;
            Pause Time % (Inspiratory Pause):        0% to 30%

 Triggering: Pressure, time

 Power: AC 110V/60Hz

 Other Characteristics: Also displays inspired oxygen concentration.


Front Panel Controls: Mode; Minute Volume; Trigger Sensitivity Below PEEP; Upper Pressure Limit; PEEP; Inspiratory Pressure Limit Above PEEP; Frequency (with range toggle); Inspiratory Flow Limit and Waveform; Inspiratory Time %; Pause Time % (Inspiratory Pause)

Alarm Controls: 

             High pressure:                          20 to 100 cmH2O;
             Low pressure:                          20 to 100 cmH2O;
             High expired minute volume:    3 to 43 L/min (adults) or 0 to 4.3 L/min (infants);
             Low expired minute volume:    0 to 37 L/min (adults) or 0 to 3.7 L/min (infants);
             High O2 %:                               30% to 100%;
             Low O2 %:                &nb