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Puritan Bennett Achieva Ventilator

  • $ 3,990.00

Puritan Bennett Achieva Ventilator

Condition: Pre-owned



  • Offers both volume and pressure control ventilation.
  • Flow and/or Pressure triggering for enhanced patient synchrony.
  • Internal dial-in PEEP takes the guesswork out of setting pressure trigger sensitivity.
  • Pressure Support to enhance weaning and improve patient comfort and patient ventilator/synchrony.
  • Expiratory Sensitivity improves patient synchrony by allowing the clinician to adjust the percent of peak inspiratory flow that will cycle the ventilator from inspiration to expiration in Pressure Support.
  • Exceptional battery life for extended mobility.
  • Internal O2 blending for accurate delivery of 21% to 100% oxygen. (PSO2 model)
  • Flow Acceleration Limit.
  • Internal memory and modem allow access to stored data, providing a tool to troubleshoot alarms and evaluate effectiveness of patient settings.
  • Can be used with pediatric patients as small as 5 kg. 
  • Bemes Refurbished with 90 day warranty.