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Philips Respironics Healthdyne Quantum Psv Ventilator

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Philips Respironics Healthdyne Quantum Psv Ventilator

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Fan pressure support Respironics Quantum provides either a CPAP, BiPAP or BiPAP spontaneous spontaneous / timed therapy. As the unit Respironics S / T, the Quantum is used to help keep the airway open and provide ventilation, and detects respiratory effort and provides levels of inspiratory expiratory pressure or prescribed by a doctor or respiratory therapist. Front panel indicators include a graphical display of pressure bar cm H20, the power of light, yellow indicator alerts the patient and alarm control indicator RED System can be configured to EPAP, IPAP, rise time, the rate and timing% I.


• CPAP / EPAP pressure range: 2-25 cm H20
• IPAP range 2-30 cm H20
• pressure control Resolution: 1 cm H20
• Pressure accuracy: ± 0.7 measured at 150 LPM
• Speed ​​Control Range: 4-40 BPM
• Respiration rate accuracy: 1 BPM
• Flow trigger inspiration: 0.25 liters per second
• Trigger flow, expiration: The maximum flow x 0.75
• minimum expiration time: 500 ms
• minimum inspiration time: 200 ms
• Maximum time for inspiration 3 seconds
• Limit flow: 150 LPM