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Siemens Somatom Sensation 16 ONLY 246,512 scan seconds on the tube

  • $ 99,000.00

The Siemens Somatom Sensation 16 is a whole-body scanner that provides high quality 3D imaging. The Somatom 16 is a truly state-of-the-art machine. It comes with 16 functioning detectors and hundreds of slices in around 20 seconds. It has some of the fast scan times for its age and comes with a suite of features such as z-Sharp technology.


z-Sharp technology


3D Imaging 

Software Version VB42B

Siemens Model: 07393114
Siemens Model: 07393155

Mallinckrodt OptiVantage DH Injector

16 Slices

420ms rotation

ONLY 246,512 scan seconds on the tube