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  • $ 29,990.00
  • $ 48,900.00

SIEMENS MULTIX FUSION With Fuji DR Flat Detector 2016


The brand-new Multix Fusion solves the challenge of meeting your needs within your budget. It fits your needs regarding ease of use, image quality, dose reduction, efficiency, speed, and versatility – with the excellence you expect from Siemens. It fits your budget in terms of total cost of ownership, patient throughput, and return on investment. Multix Fusion is designed for routine radiography and can be tailored to your requirements, today and in the future. Analog or digital, with an upgrade path to digitize whenever you decide. In short, it’s an investment that fits.

Multix Fusion. Fits your needs. Fits your budget.

High throughput has many aspects

Increase your patient throughput while maintaining excellent image quality. Multix Fusion’s detector makes daily operation fast and flexible. Patient positioning is quick and safe. Many automated features support faster handling. A fully digital workflow accelerates image turnaround time and image management – assisted by an imaging software proven to be reliable.

Running system, healthy business

Only a system that’s running can generate revenue. Our worldwide service enables high system availability, image quality, and patient throughput. It protects your Multix Fusion from viruses* that can affect data safety and provoke unplanned downtimes. With our remote service infrastructure**, we help limit service costs – and create value for your institution.