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Siemens ARCADIS Orbic 3D 2nd Generation

  • $ 29,990.00
  • $ 34,500.00

Siemens ARCADIS Avantic 2009 2nd Generation with Vascular and 15 FPS

Condition EXCELLENT!!


Only a few years ago, the ARCADIS® family thoroughly revolutionized intraoperative imaging and opened completely new possibilities. The next
ARCADIS generation continues the pace-setting tradition of taking you to a completely new level of clinical excellence.

Focused on improving everyday practice and solely led by the pursuit of highest precision, ARCADIS Orbic incorporates numerous unique solutions for today’s clinical demands. From image quality  to operability, from versatility to efficiency,
the groundbreaking features of ARCADIS Orbic and Orbic 3D set new benchmarks and greatly contribute to maximum operational precision with outstanding functionalities that make perfect imaging a snap, comprehensive postprocessing
features, and an overall ergonomic concept that redefines your clinical workflow.

Discover extensive benefits that put you on the cutting-edge of intraoperative imaging.