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Oakworks Medical CFPM300-Rectangular-Top Imaging-Pain Management Table

  • $ 11,900.00


The Oakworks Medical Table is a versatile table. It comes with multi-function controls that provide elevation, rotation, and extension. It has a generous weight capacity and safety straps for patient well-being.


5-inch casters for mobile service

Carbon Fiber Top - 24" (61cm) wide x 80" (203cm) long
52 in. Metal free imaging space
Motion 1 - Electric Height Range 26 in. - 44 in. (66-112cm) w/o pad
Motion 2 - Electric Trendelenburg Tilt +15°/-11°
Motion 3 - Electric Longitudinal Travel 10" (25cm)
Controls - Multi-function hand control
Weight Capacity - 500lb (227kg)
Product Weight - 475lb (216kg)
Included Features - 2 in. (5cm) Radiolucent Comfort Foam® table top pad, 4 in. (10cm) locking casters, patient safety straps

Height adjustment (nominal 33″ low height with 10″ travel)
Extend-retract head-to-foot travel (nominal 12″). Obtain the perfect view within seconds; minimizes movement of the C-Arm
Side-to-side transverse top travel
4-way powered top functions REGARDLESS of tilt orientation
Lateral tilt (nominal 12-15 degrees)
Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg tilts (nominal 12-15 degrees)

Chamfered radiolucent edge treatment
96″L x 22″w with cantilevered 48″ METAL-FREE imaging area
Unobstructed floor clearance beneath imaging area
400 pound distributed patient capacity
Wireless and wired hand-held motion control
Deluxe tabletop pad (nominal, medical grade vinyl over high density foam)
Padded safety strap