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O-RING STERIS SYSTEM 1 - OEM Part #P-12233/146180; 030.006.02/030-006-030; H98138; 450617

  • $ 9.90


  • 12 per package
  • Material: EPDM, Hardness: 70 Duro
  • .114" ID x .254" OD x .070" C/S
  • See Service Tip below
  • For System 1 (International Customers only), see Model Notes below.

Fits: Solenoid Metering Screw/Air Manifold Assembly, Small In-Air Manifold, Quick Disconnect Barb , & Quick Disconnect Plug 


Service Tip: Before ordering replacement O-rings for the Fill-Vent Valve, please read the following: IF the stem is an OEM stem, and has (2) of the same sized O-rings, then you need (2) Part #RPO306. If the stem is an RPI stem, and has (2) different sized O-rings, then you need (1) Part #RPO306 and (1) Part #RPO307