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Invivo M12 3550A Anesthesia Monitor Monitor

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Invivo M12 3550A Anesthesia Monitor Monitor

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• Equipped with EKG, NIBP, SpO2 (masimo), Temp
Color Display, Printer and 5 Agent Gas Analysis

• The Escort M12, a compact "All-in-One" Anesthesia monitor,
is designed specifically for use in the operating room,
ambulatory surgery unit and PACU, providing a flexible
and upgradeable solution, from the routine to the most
demanding anesthesia applications.

• The Escort M12's large active matrix 12-inch color LCD screen
and intuitive user interface, combined with it's revolutionary
2nd Generation Five Agent ID analysis along with all other
ASA recommended parameters, is designed for unparalleled
ease of use in the OR.

• The Escort M12 clearly redefines "monitoring flexibility"
by incorporating easily upgradeable features which provide
a practical cost-effective solution for all your anesthesia
monitoring needs.