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GE Lunar BX-1L Ref DPX Bravo Bone Densitometer - 2004

  • $ 8,990.00
  • $ 11,900.00

GE Lunar DPX Bravo 2004 Bone Densitometer


DPX Bravo is designed to fit your practice. It delivers a variety of tools to help you assess fracture risk—based on validated clinical performance and reference data you can trust. And it gives you built-in flexibility: It fits into your exam room and can double as an exam table. So you can expand your practice to offer bone mineral density (BMD) analysis, without expanding your space

 Space constraints are a common concern for clinics, and DXA technology platforms are typically quite large. But DPX Bravo is not typical. Its footprint is smaller than most other DXA tables—186cm (74”) long by 86cm (34”) wide. Its arm swings out of the way so the table can be used for other exam purposes.


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  • Phantoms
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  • Calibration Blocks