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Drager Evita 2 Dura Ventilator

  • $ 2,990.00

Drager Evita 2 Dura Ventilator

Condition: Pre-owned

Technical data Evita 2 dura

Patient type Adults and children (body weight of at least 3 kg (6.6 lbs))
With NeoFlow option: infants and neonates (min. body weight of 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs))
Ventilation settings
Ventilation mode • IPPV, IPPVAssist (CMV, CMVAssist)
• BIPAP1), BIPAP1)ASB, BIPAP1)Assist (PCV+, PCV+/Psupp, PCV+Assist)
• APRV (optional)
• ILV (optional)
Enhancements • AutoFlowTM – Automatic adaptation of inspiratory flow in volume
controlled modes
• ATCTM – Automatic Tube Compensation (optional)
• NIV - Mask Ventilation (optional)
Ventilation frequency (f) 0 to 100 /min, 0 to150 /min (Neonatal)
Inspiration time (Tinsp) 0.1 to 10 s
Tidal volume (VT) (BTPS*) • 0.1 to 2.0 L (Adult)
• 0.02 to 0.3 L (Pediatric)
• 0.003 to 0.1 L (Neonatal)
Inspiratory flow • 6 to 120 L/min (Adult)
• 6 to 30 L/min (Pediatric and Neonatal)
Inspiratory pressure 0 to 80 mbar (cmH2O)
PEEP / intermittent PEEP 0 to 35 mbar (cmH2O)
Pressureassist (PASB) (Psupp) 0 to 80 mbar (cmH2O)
Rise time for inspiratory pressure 0 to 2 s
O2 concentration 21 to 100 Vol.%
Multi-sense Trigger Criteria Internal automatic pressure trigger, Flow, Volume
(Flow adjustable 0.3 to 15 L/min)
Measured values displayed
Airway pressure Peak pressure, plateau pressure, mean pressure, PEEP, min. pressure
(0 to 99 mbar/cmH2O)
Minute volume (MV), (BTPS*) MV, MVspont, MVleak (0 to 99 L/min)
Tidal volume (VT), (BTPS*) Inspired VT, expired VT, VTASB (VTPS) (0 to 3999 mL)
Breathing frequency (f) ftotal, fspon, fmand. (0 to 300/bpm)
O2 concentration (FiO2) Inspired O2 concentration (15 to 100 Vol.%)
Lung mechanics • Resistance ((0.0 to 600 mbar/L/s)(cmH2O/L/s))
• Compliance ((0.0 to 300 mL/mbar)(mL/cmH2O))
Breathing gas temperature 18° to 51°C
Waveforms Airway pressure-time, flow-time, volume-time, ...
Trends (optional) FiO2, MV, VT, f, PEEPi, R, C, etCO2, ...
Loops (optional) Paw-V, V-Flow, Flow-Paw, ...
Capnography (etCO2) (optional) • 0 to 100 mmHg
CO2 production (VCO2) • 0 to 999 mL/min, STPD*
Serial dead space Vds • 0 to 999 mL, BTPS*
Dead space ventilation (Vds/VT) • 0 to 99%
Alarms / Monitoring
Airway pressure High/Low
Expired minute volume High/Low
Tidal volume High
Apnea alarm time 5 to 60 s
Spontaneous breath frequency High
Inspired O2 concentration High/Low
Breathing gas temperature High
SpO2 pulse (optional) High/Low
etCO2 (optional) High/Low
Performance data
Max. flow for pressure support
and spontaneous breathing 180 L/min (adult), 60 L/min (pediatric)
Valve response time T0...90 ≤ 5 ms
Control principle Time cycled, volume constant, pressure-controlled
Safety relief valve 100 mbar (cmH2O)
Leakage compensation
Hose system compensation
Outlet for pneumatic nebulizer
Operating data
Mains power connection 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 10 to 30 V DC (optional)
Power consumption Approx. 125 W
Gas supply operating pressure O2, air: 2.7 to 6 bar/39 to 87 PSI
Physical Specifications
Dimensions ventilator (WxHxD) 530x290x450 cm (20.9x11.4x17.7 inches) (without trolley)
Weight basic unit Approx. 27 kg (60 lbs.)
Diagonal screen size 6.5" TFT LCD color display
Machine outputs
Digital output Output and reception via an RS 232 C interface
Digital output (optional) For output and reception via two RS 232 C interfaces
Analog output (optional) For analog output of two measured values