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Medtronic Physio Control Lifepak 9 Defibrillator

  • $ 650.00

Medtronic Physio Control LIFEPAK 9 Desfibrilador Condición REFURBISEHD

The Lifepak 9 is monitor / defibrillator and pacemaker kaleidoscope noninvasive. It offers 17 choices of energy, heart rate alarms three ECG monitoring electrodes, recorder and summary of critical code event log.
The microprocessor Lifepak 9 includes a provision of domestic battery and is available with the option of pediatric paddles, internal paddles, pacing leads, plates, ECG cable and patient cables.

* ECG Monitor Features

*ECG lead selection: STD, pallets, I, II, III

* Input: Isolated ECG via Quick-Look® defibrillator paddles, Fast-Patch® disposable defibrillation / ECG electrodes or cable in three patient leads

* Patient cable length: 13 feet overall length 10 feet (three feet Bypass)

* Common Mode Rejection: 100 dB min. With respect to chassis ground and at least 65 dB. With respect to isolated ground, when measured at 60Hz (the common-mode range for patient cable input is 10 volts peak with respect to earth isolated)

* Monitor Screen size: 4 "(An.) X 3" (Al.)

* Scan speed: 25 mm / sec

* Frequency response: no diagnostic
* The ECG: 1.0 to 40 Hz (-3 dB)

* Palettes: 2.2 to 20 Hz (-3 dB)

* ECG size: Adjusts the width of the ECG trace on the monitor and band registration card

* Heart rate meter: Three digital readouts on the display of the heart rate of 20-300 beats per minute, heart rate outside this range do not produce valid systole tones or heart rate display

* Heart rate alarm: the alarm limits are user selectable with three settings high / low (150/40, 120/60, 160/90 - limit other options are available through the setup menu); 1 mV Cal: momentary push button on the rear panel simulates a 1 mV pulse signal input to the ECG