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PRO-M12D Bedside Critical Care Multi-parameter Patient Monitor

  • $ 1,450.00
  • $ 10.00

PRO-M12D Bedside Critical Care  Multi-parameter Patient Monitor Touch Screen.




  • Patented in-house design, elegant appearance
  • Steady 12.1 inch monitor, suitable for bedside and transferring
  • Simple user-friendly menu, preferable for both regular LCD and touchscreen
  • Unique one-key-switching for maximum 7 display interfaces
  • Preinstall Plug-and-Play EtCO2 socket, simpler upgrade for ICU application
  • Waterproof case in strict accordance with IPX1 on CE regulation
  • Wide application for adult, pediatric and neonatal



 ECG Lead Mode: 5 leads or 3 leads
Lead Selection: I, II, III, avR, avL, avF, V /or I, II, III
Gain: Auto, 2.5, 5, 10, 20mm/mV
HR Range: Adult: 15-300bpm; Ped/Neo: 15-350bpm
HR Accuracy: ±1% or ±1bpm HR Resolution: 1bpm
Respiration Method: Impedance between RA-LL
Range: Adult: 0-120rpm; Ped/Neo: 0-150rpm
Accuracy: ±2rpm Resolution: 1rpm
NIBP Method: Oscillometric
Work Mode: Manual, Auto, STAT
NIBP Range: Adult: 10-280mmHg; Ped: 10-220mmHg; Neo: 10-135mmHg
Pulse rate range : 40-240bpm
Accuracy: ±5mmHg (MEAN error) Resolution: 1mmHg
Overpressure Protection
SpO2 Range: 0-100%
Accuracy: 70-100%: ±2%, <70%: unspecified Resolution : 1%
PR range: 0-250bpm
PR Accuracy: ±2bpm PR Resolution: 1bpm
Temperature Channel: 2
Range: 0-50℃
Accuracy: ±0.1℃ Resolution: 0.1℃
Optional Main/Side stream EtCO2, 2-IBP, 2-TEMP, Recorder, VGA Output, Touch Screen, CentraMonitoring
System, Wall mount, Trolley




Standard Configuration



Optional Configuration

Printer, CO2