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CARERAY DR 14 x17 Detector Digital Flat Pannel WIRED

  • $ 6,900.00
  • $ 9,900.00

CARERAY DR 14 x17 Detector Digital Flat Pannel WIRED

CareView® digital radiography detectors are versatile and lightweight, perfectly engineered for a broad range of applications. A variety of panel sizes and available features allows us to offer a selection of viable solutions. Our dedication to human design makes our products easy to install and operate, with minimal impact on operators and imaging subjects.

CareRay’s radiography products are designed from start to finish for durability and long product life. All our products are built to at least IP64 dustproof and water-resistant standards. With impact-absorbing rubber edging and single-piece bodies made of high strength aluminum alloy, CareView detectors are inherently robust against adverse environmental conditions. Our panels are excellently designed and carefully constructed for long-term product performance, superior image quality, and the best possible low dose care.

Extra-Rugged Portable
14″ x 17″ Imaging Area
Scintillator Matrix: 2816 x 2304
Pixel Pitch: 154 μm
DQE Performance: > 60% @ 0 lp/mm
Product Dimensions: 47.7 x 45.4 x 1.84 cm


  • Medical
  • Mobile Healthcare

Special Features

  • Durable carbon fiber and aluminum alloy housing
  • Low power design; 1400 images on a single charge
  • Built to IP64 dustproof and water-resistant standards