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2008 GE VCT64 CT Scanner Cardiac with a 2017 tube 64 Slices

  • $ 159,900.00

2008 with 2017 new tube GE CT SCANNER MODEL LIGHTSPEED VCT 64 Slice with CARDIAC & VASCULAR.

Tube 2017 Hercules
Tube Count at 8 million MAS +/- on 9/18 inspection.
Cardiac and XR29. HDAS Gantry Detector.

Software REV: 12HW14.6_SP2-2-1.V40_H_H64_G_GTM

Permanent Options:
VCT-85Kw-Power, Patient 64 slice, Smart Score Pro, CardIQ Snapshot, CardIQSnapShot-CINE, Sub 0.4 second Scan, Connect PRO, Data Export, Direct MPR 3D, Smart Score PRO, VCT-Hi-Power, EKG Viewer, 3000 Image series, Auto MA, Smart Prep, Auto Filter- and-Transfer, NeuroFilter, Dynamic Z-Axis tracking, Noise Reduction Filter, Exam Split, Copy Composer,Neuro Filter.

Includes Cardiac Trigger Ivy 3150. Other Typical LightSpeed VCT Procedures, Cardiac and coronary vessel analysis, Coronary artery calcification scoring, Angiography studies, Stroke workup, Oncology/cancer care, Pulmonary emboli, Inner ear ailments, Spinal injuries, Abdominal injuries, Pediatric assessment, Kidney, Liver and Lung exams

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