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Comen C70 Modular Monitor

  • $ 3,500.00
  • $ 10.00


  • 12.1 inch LED backlit display, bright, low power consumption
  • Touch screen, button operation
  • Solid, comfortable handle
  • USB ports can support keyboard, mouse operartion, USB data transfer, software upgrades, etc.
  • DVI-D digital high definition video signal output inteface support
  • Glance modular mechanical structure design, easy disassembly and maintenace, with a high degree of reliability and stability
  • Board Gold fingers connection, stable and reliable signal
  • XP-POWER power, lower heat, less ripple, higher efficiency, longer life
  • Machine fanless design, and fundamentally prevent secondary pollution
  • Aluminum-magnesium alloy stent design, lighter, more stable and better heat dissipation
  • Module data tranfer using infrared transmission mode