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Drager Narkomed Gs Anesthesia Machine

  • $ 7,990.00

Drager Narkomed Gs Anesthesia Machine

Condition: Pre-owned

Station long-term anesthesia, which is intuitive and easy to use
Provides ultimate level technology in a compact and easy to use anesthesia.
It has an integrated monitor that shows volume, pressure and O2 data. This monitor has 3 centralized emergency alarms, which helps doctors quickly recognize critical events.
+ AV2 reliable includes fan which provides limited pressure, cycle times, and predetermined volume. Contains pneumatic circuits and electronic timing also contains controls for breathing frequency, radio from inspiration to exhalation, tidal volume, inspiratory flow and inspiratory pressure limit for flexible ventilation.
Also includes fresh gas system, cylindrical yokes, spare battery and oxygen flush.

features available

Two or three vaporizers
Exhaust system for waste

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 91.4 cm (W.) X 135.3 cm (Height) x 68.6 cm 36 "(An.) X 53.25" (H) x 27 "(Pr.) (Pr.)
Weight: 170 kg (375 lbs)
Power supply: 220/240 or 170 volts
O2 Monitoring

Range 10-100% Vol.
Resolution of 1% Vol.
Accuracy ± 3% Vol.
Pressure Monitoring Airway

Range from -10 to 125 cmH2O% Vol.
Resolution of 1 cm H2O
CmH2O Accuracy ± 3% or ± 10% of reading
Tidal Volume Control
Range of 0.2 to 50 L
Resolution of 0.1 L
The accuracy of 10% or 0.1 L (whichever is greater)

Rate (breaths per minute) 1-99
I: E ratio 4: 1 to 1: 4: 5
Inspiratory Flow 10-100 l / m
Tidal Volume 50-1500 ml