Oakworks CPMF300 Imaging Table

This Oakworks CPMF300 model is a state-of-the-art imaging table suitable for any office or hospital. It can support a generous amount of weight and comes with a durable surface, locking casters, and dual straps to ensure patient safety. The top is also padded for patient comfort. Trendelenburg tilt, lateral tilt, and elevation options ensure the most flexible imaging options possible. 


Carbon Fiber Top with 500 lbs. weight limit

Electric Height Range 26 in. - 44 in. 

Electric Trendelenburg Tilt +15°/-12°

Electric Lateral Tilt ±15°

Multi-function hand control with foot pedals

Radiolucent Comfort Foam®

Locking casters

Dual safety straps

  • $ 9,900.00

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