• Hill Rom 850 Hospital Bed

Hill Rom 850 Hospital Bed

Hill Rom 850 Hospital Bed

Condition: Refurbished

The Hill-Rom Centra 850 hospital bed is fully adjustable, with a durable frame for years of reliable use in hospitals and large clinics. It is also ideal for situations where a regular home care bed is not comfortable enough, or where extra features are needed in the home.

Instant CPR release
Fully retractable
Controls on the foot end and on the side rails
Electrically adjust height, knee & back sections
Foot section can be raised manually


Nurse control panel at foot of bed
Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions
Knee gatch position
High-low position
Tuck-away side rails at head and foot
Easily removable headboard and footboard for CPR or cleaning
Instant emergency CPR release
Restraint strap holders under the mattress deck
Drainage bag holders on both sides
Central brake and steer pedals
IV pole storage, plus 6 IV pole receptacles
Head elevation gauges on both sides
Sensor-controlled night light under the bed
Sheet retention magnets at each corner
Optional bed exit alarm system
Optional SideCom controls in side rails
Optional in-bed scale system


Height range, foot end: 28in. to 48in. (106.7 to 71.1 cm)
Height range, head end: 29in. to 43in. (73.7 to 109.2 cm)
Height range, from floor to top of spring: 17in. to 31in. (43.2 to 78.7 cm)
Overall length range, with bumpers: 79.5in. to 93.5in. (201.9 to 237.5 cm)
Overall width, with side rails in up position: 41.5in. (105.4 cm)
Total hi/low travel: 14in. (35.6 cm)
Sleep surface: 36in. x 82in. (91.4 to 208.3 cm)
Bed weight, with casters: 346 lbs (156.9 kg)
Bed weight, with casters and panels: 371 lbs (168.3 kg)

  • $ 1,490.00

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