• Electric Blood Donation Chair

Electric Luxury Blood Donation Chair

Two motors control seat tilting,up and down respectively, another motor lets back and leg section move as a unite.Head board and arm board are manual adjusted.Special leg section extension by electrical. The chair can applies to various postures

Chair Dimension: 1700mm(Curve Length)*560mm
Height: 570mm(min.)---830mm(max)
Head section turn: -15ᄚ~ 25ᄚ
Back section lift: -5 ~ 70ᄚ
Leg section turn: -65 ~ 5ᄚ
Foot support telescopic: 100mm
Foot support turn: 0-90ᄚ
Fixed angle of seat section: 5ᄚ
Arm Board swing out: 0 ~ 45ᄚ
Arm board height adjustment: 100mm
Arm board slide: 100mm
Arm board declining angle adjustment: -15ᄚ~ 10 ᄚ
Arm board dimension: 450*160mm
Trend and reverse trend: 0 ~ 12ᄚ
Arm board Concave Radian: R108

  • $ 6,784.80

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