• LED Dual Surgical Lights AG-LT001-TV

LED Dual Surgical Lights AG-LT001-TV

Main use:Operation shadowless lamp AG-LT001 series is widely used in various lighting situations, meeting all different needs of lighting during operation.  Specification :Center Light intensity 120klx~140klx
Spot diameter(d10)≥180mm
Column depth ≥700mm
Color temperature 4500±500K
Increasing Temperature ≤10℃
Color rendering Index (CRI) ≥92
Switch between main and assistant bulb Automatic
Illumination adjustment: 8-level sequentially
Bulb watt 150W
Total radiated energy Ee where the illuminance reaches max level:   ≤500w/m2
Spring arm around fixed holder ≥360°
Bracket around spring arm ≥360°
rotation of horizontal bracket clockwise ≥140°,anti-clockwise ≥140°
Lamp head around horizontal clockwise ≥100°,anti-clockwise≥100°
Up and down of balancing arm: up≥40° down ≥40°
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