• Infant warmer

Infant warmer esp ultra

1 Microprocessor servo controlled 2 The microprocessor-controlled unit allows for three settings: pre-warm, manual or automatic. 3 Alarm functions for safety includes: Power failure, temperature deviation, Temperature sensor failure , over temperature. 4 APGAR timer 5 Convenient X-ray cassette under infant bed 6 Heater head can be adjusted + 90ᄎ horizontally 7 Tilt angle of infant bed is adjustable 8 Halogen Observe light angle is adjustable 9 Transparent protector folded 10 Adopts anti-explosion micro crystal quartz infrared radiation tube for its radiation source, 11 Alarms are audible and visual 12 A second thermal cut-out function for more safety 13 Temperature deviation can be amended in front panel directly 14 Low pressure aspirator, oxygen supply system and LED phototherapy unit 15 Electric height adjusted suit for operation

  • $ 12,076.80

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