• LDR Bed

LDR complete pink Bed

Technical Parameters:
Bed dimension including bed end and bumper wheel: Length 1930mm, width 940mm
Bed dimension: Length 1815mm, width 780mm
Min. & Max. table height: 580mm~860mm(exclude the cushion)
Back section turning: ?60ᄚ
Seat section turning: ?10ᄚ
Trendelenburg: ?8ᄚ
Leg section up/down movement: 100mm
Footrest swing out:?45ᄚ
Footrest folding: ?45ᄚ
Guard rail up/down movement: 360mm
Castor Diameter: 150mm

Standard Accessories:
Leg holder 1 pair
Filth basin 1 piece
I.V. Stand 1 piece
Hand control 1 piece
Power cord 1 piece

  • $ 12,360.00

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