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Refurbishing Proccess

  1. Preliminary Inspection

    An initial inspection is performed to determine proper functionality to manufacturer specifications. Any damaged parts and/or missing parts are identified.

  2. Disassembly

    Equipment is disassembled for deep cleaning and repairs.

  3. Cleaning

    Equipment is thoroughly washed removing any dirt, grime, and tape residue to sanitize, prep for painting and repair.

  4. Repair

    If necessary, any damaged and/or missing parts are repaired and/or replaced with OEM replacement parts. Moving parts are lubricated or greased.

  5. Painting

    Equipment is repainted to remove any chips or scratches to ensure a “like new” cosmetically appealing finished product.

  6. Relabeling

    Repainted equipment is relabeled with OEM equipment labels.

  7. Reassembly

    Equipment is reassembled.

Final Inspection

Equipment is tested and undergoes a functional and safety inspection by a biomedical technician to ensure the product is performing to manufacturer specifications.