Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson ASP Sterrad 100NX Plasma Sterilizer

Cycle Options:  
- STANDARD Cycle sterilizes most general surgical instruments in 47 minutes
- DUO Cycle sterilizes single-channel flexible endoscopes and associated light cords and cameras, including OLYMPUS/Gyrus ACMI scopes, together in 60 minutes
- EXPRESS Cycle sterilizes da Vinci 3-D endocsopes, and other delicate instruments without lumens in 24 minutes.
- FLEX Cycle sterilizes up to two single-channel flexible endoscopes in 42 minutes 
Cycle Temperature: 116.6°F-132.8°F (47°C-56°C) 
Height :70.5 in
Width :30.5 in
Depth :40 in
Chamber Shape:
Two-Tiered Shelf (WxD):
17.3 in x 25.2 in (440 mm x 640 mm)
Chamber Usable Volume:
Single shelf: 82.3 liters, 2.9 ft
Three Double shelves: 
79.6 liters, 2.8 ft3 
Operational Environment:
Temperature :64°F to 95°F / 18°C to 35°C
Humidity : 
10% to 85% (non-condensing)
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