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Siemens CiOS Alpha 2015 with 20x20 Flat Pannel Detector

  • $ 61,990.00
  • $ 79,900.00

Siemens CiOS Alpha 2015 with 20x20 Flat Pannel Detector

- Digital
- Dual 1Kx1K LCD Monitors
- 2.3Kw Generator
- Large Flat Panel CMOS Digital Detector
- Memoskop 10,000 Image Storage
- LIH-Last Image Hold
- Surgical Package
- Vascular Package
- DSA-Digital Subtraction Angiography
- Road Mapping
- Digital CINE
- VPA-Virtual Patient Anatomy
- SYNGO Networking
- Power Mode
- 190 degree Orbital Movement
- NaviLink 2D
- Digital Window
- Edge Enhancement
- RMMV-Real Multi-Modality Viewing
- Digital Imaging Chain
- Multi-Modality Viewing
- Patient Keyboard
- DiCom
- CD Burner
- Printer


In image-guided surgery, image quality and dose often come at the expense of one another. Dose reduction often means lower image quality – while higher dose can mean potential health risks for patients, surgeons, and staff.

Cios Alpha® is a high‐definition 2D mobile C‐arm designed to give surgeons certainty in these matters. Thanks to Retina technology for optimal images, CARE technologies for the right dose in each case, and intelligent power management, it delivers the perfect balance between image quality and dose.

  • Excellent images, right dose
  • Easy handling, smooth workflow
  • Extended capabilities, smart growth