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Fluoroscan Insight FD Mini C-Arm

  • $ 34,900.00


  • Key Takeaways from the Hologic Fluoroscan Insight FD Mini C-Arm:

    • The Hologic Fluoroscan Insight FD Mini C-Arm features a groundbreaking rotating 6″ x 4″ flat detector, making it particularly effective for lower extremity procedures. This device offers precise and comprehensive imaging coverage.
    • The device delivers exceptional image quality, achieving 2k x 1.5k image resolution while maintaining low dosage rates for patient safety. It is equipped with advanced software that provides dose optimization and enhances the efficiency of imaging.
    • The InSight FD Mini C-Arm integrates numerous features like a high-definition LCD touch-screen monitor, strategically placed tube head controls, a wireless footswitch, and a thermal printer, ensuring a seamless user experience and efficient data management.

    In 2012, Hologic unveiled the groundbreaking Fluoroscan InSight FD, a flat panel detector mini c-arm that continues to captivate the market today. Renowned for its exceptional imaging quality, this machine has become a mainstay in medical facilities worldwide. The Fluoroscan InSight FD sets a new standard by delivering enhanced image quality and unparalleled patient positioning capabilities, solidifying its position as the go-to option for extremity surgeons across the globe.

    With its remarkable versatility and unmatched imaging precision, the Hologic InSight FD emerges as an exceptional choice for a wide range of healthcare settings. Whether deployed in operating rooms, doctor’s offices, surgery centers, sports medicine facilities, or joint injection centers, this mini c-arm excels in meeting the unique demands of diverse medical environments. Its exceptional image quality empowers medical professionals to make accurate diagnoses and informed treatment decisions, enhancing the overall quality of patient care.