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  • $ 14,900.00
  • $ 16,900.00

GE OEC FLUOROSTAR C-ARM  Pain Management and Orthopedics


- Reurbished
- LCD (Flat screen monitor)
- Printer


Experience the beauty of maneuverability in imaging The improved GE OEC Fluorostar is the most lightweight and agile full-sized OEC C-arm ever developed. But don’t underestimate the power and versatility of this truly compact C-arm. Providing beautiful image quality in applications from basic orthopedic to vascular, the OEC Fluorostar can be moved and positioned quickly in most any type of procedure room. With a C-arm this nimble offering a variety of quality features and functions, the new definition of art in agility is OEC Fluorostar.

• All-in-one, super-lightweight system with a small footprint.

• Superb image quality with point and shoot operation.