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Which Hospital Bed is Right for You?

Which Hospital Bed is Right for You?

There are many hospital beds out there. Which one suits your needs best? Let's find out together!

Types of Hospital Beds

Not all hospital beds are built the same be it due to age, manufacturer specifications, and/or its intended demographic. This article covers Gatch Beds, Electric Beds, Manual Beds, and Bariatric Beds. 

Gatch Beds

Gatch Beds are beds with three divided sections so that the feet, head, and midsection can be elevated. The elevation can help people with respiratory problems or may allow injured legs to remain in an elevated position. Gatch beds are often found in hospitals. They are highly affordable and effective. Broadly speaking, all hospital beds are also Gatch Beds, but as you will see, not all Gatch Beds are like the ones below.

Electric Beds

While many modern Gatch Beds have motors, some remain hand cranked. Even then, not all electric beds are the same. Semi-electric beds only have a couple of motors that adjust (usually) just head and foot and require a crank to do height adjustment. Meanwhile fully electric beds can do head, foot, and height adjustment with motors. Electric beds can be found just about everywhere. 

Manual Beds

Since most beds are electric these days and hand cranks have largely gone the way of the dodo, you might be wondering, "Why buy a manual bed?"

The answer It's important to note that while manual beds lack convenience and seem archaic, they are very cheap and require little to no maintenance. Manual beds have mostly left hospitals, clinics, and labs due to the conveniences that electric beds offer. But they are perfect for private home use due to the low costs and maintenance associated with them!

Bariatric Beds

Bariatric Beds are made specifically for large individuals. As a result, they can be found just about everywhere, from small clinics to major hospitals. You can also find them in private homes. These are heavy duty beds and take up extra space. This also makes Bariatric Beds substantially more expensive, especially if they are fully electric. Delivery and installation in private homes is also made quite difficult due to the size of these beds. But they are necessary for people of large size. 

Which bed do I need?

The answer: it depends!

If you need to save money and you need a bed in a private home, go for a manual. 

If you operate a clinic or hospital and want to save, consider semi-electric

If you don't need to save, maybe opt in for a fully-electric

Of course, if you need a heavy-duty bed with a high weight limit, go for a bariatric.